Point-to-point operation in ITFS bands

Licensees may operate point-to-point links in the ITFS bands:
"Stations may be licensed in this service as originating or relay stations to interconnect instructional television fixed stations in adjacent areas, ... and to deliver instructional and cultural material to, and obtain such material from, nearby terminals or connection points of closed circuit educational television systems employing wired distribution systems or radio facilities authorized under other parts of this chapter ... [74.931(d)]"
"When an ITFS station is used for point-to-point service, an appropriate directional antenna must be used. [74.937(b)]"
To add a point-to-point link, the licensee must apply to the FCC:
"Formal application on FCC Form 330 is required for any of the following changes or modifications of the transmission systems:

(b) Any change in the antenna system affecting the direction of radiation, directive radiation pattern, antenna gain, or radiated power. [74.951]"

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