[Neuhaus serial connection standard]

Moseley MRC-2 Remote Control System - serial connection

RJ-45 adapter for Moseley 20C2803 single-port serial card
Connections for the Moseley 20C2803 Single-port Serial Interface Assembly board. This adapter has been tested with an IBM PC and with a Motorola UDS 202 modem. (The later quad-serial board uses the pin-out of a 9-pin port on an IBM PC.)

The Moseley MRC-2 manual (table 5-2 on page 5-8 of a Rev. C manual) shows the following configuration for a Hayes Smartmodem 200:

Switch  Setting    Function
S1-1     U      DTR controlled
S1-2     D      Digit results (terse mode)
S1-3     D      Result codes sent
S1-4     D      No echo-full duplex
S1-5     U      Answer on first ring
S1-6     D      DCD always on
S1-7     U      RJ11 Jack
S1-8     D      Enable commands
S1-9     U      103/212A compatible
S1-10    U      Hang-up command state

Communications parameters:

System Data Rate Data Bits Parity
MRC 1600 300 8 Even
MRC 1620 1200 8 None
MRC-1 1200 7 Even
MRC-2 1200 7 Even
MRC-2S 1200 8 None

From: http://www.moseleysb.com/mb/pdf/Installation_RS232_MRC16xx.pdf

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