Macom G-series power cord

Universal power cord

The Macom G-series power supplies were capable of powering 1) two transmitters, 2) two receivers or 3) one transmitter and one receiver. A universal power cord to connect a power supply to any combination of two receivers and/or transmitters can be fabricated as shown in the following table. Wire three Elco connectors pin-for-pin with the following ten connections.
I used*Macom used
A Tx +12V
Bn Rd C Rcvr +12V
E Tx -12V
Or Gn H Rcvr -12V
L Tx -24V
Gn Ye N Rcvr -24V
X Tx +28V
Y Tx -30V
Gy Bk AA Tx Ground
Wh Bk BB Rcvr Ground
*The color choices shown here are arbitrary. Use what is convenient for you.

The connectors are: Elco 8016-038-000-804 Plug

The contacts, which are ordered separately, are:
Elco 60-8017-05-03 Solder; or
Elco 60-8017-03-13 Crimp

The contact extracton tool is Elco 06-1877-04 or Newark stock no. 69F310

The connector for a PAC-4 Modulator or Demodulator is WPI (was Amphenol) 126-222 or Newark stock no. 42FX125.
The DC supply input connector is ITT Cannon WK-C3-32SL; Chassis side: WK-3-32SC
The AC supply input connector is ITT Cannon GK-12-32SL; Chassis side: GK-12-32S

Power supply pin-out

The G-series power supply connector is wired as follows:
Voltage    Pin Connects to:
+12 V       A  Tx +12 V
+12 V       B  Tx +12 V*
+12 V       C  Rcvr +12 V
+12 V       D  Rcvr +12 V*
-12 V       E  Tx -12 V
-12 V       F  Tx -12 V*
-12 V       H  Rcvr -12 V
-12 V       J  Rcvr -12 V*
-12 V       K
-24 V       L  Tx -24 V
-24 V       M  Tx -24 V*
-24 V       N  Rcvr -24 V
-24 V       P  Rcvr -24 V*
-30 V       R  Rcvr +24 V (not used)
-30 V       S
-24 V       T
-24 V       U
-30 V       V
-24 V       W
+28 V (G1)  X  Tx +28 V
-30 V       Y  Tx -30 V
Output returZ
Output returAA Tx Ground
Output returBB Rcvr Ground
Output returCC
+12 V       DD Rcvr Squelch Cntrl In
            HH Tx Alarm
            JJ Rcvr Fault Alm
            KK Rcvr Squelch Alm
+28 V (G1)  MM
+24 V (G2)  PP
+24 V (G2)  RR Tx Vid Alm N.O.
            SS Tx Vid Alm N.C.
            TT Tx Vid Alm Com.

*Used only in systems with two supplies as second supply for fault alarms

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